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We help people feel more confident in their most important financial goals, manage employee benefit programs for businesses, and support financial institutions with innovative investment and technology solutions to grow their businesses.

We are more than a financial services firm. Our people are innovators and creative thinkers, leaders in defining investment strategies, and pioneers in developing cutting-edge technologies.

Andrew Marwan

Chief Investment Manager


With prudent stewardship and a relentless pursuit of value, investment management shapes destinies, propelling individuals and organizations toward financial triumph.

Our cutting-edge initiatives in strategic analysis include tracking megatrends aimed at social, political and economic transformation, the value of millennials, making the economy carbon-free, open-access education, open and distributed finances, as well as informational security. We intend to concentrate our efforts in these areas as well as find new paths to stable development.

Mohamed Lazaar

Head of Infrasctructure


In the modern age of business, Information Technology is not just a tool or a department — it is the very backbone that empowers organizations to innovate, adapt, and thrive in a digital landscape.

Company's experience encompasses a myriad of issues including corporate management, stocks, data confidentiality, technology and intellectual property, real estate. Cooperating with a team of professionals of applied analysis and evaluation opens a wide range of opportunities to efficiently and flexibly manage assets that embody reliability, effectiveness and coherence.

Jacob Horovitz

Head of Commodities and Global Markets


Financial markets are the heartbeat of the global economy, where capital flows and dreams take shape. In these interconnected webs of opportunity and volatility, knowledge is power. Those who understand the nuanced dance of supply and demand, maneuver with agility, and make informed decisions, are the ones who unlock the door to untold possibilities and lasting prosperity.

The flow of capital into environmental, social and managerial strategies for sustained development grew by 140% in 2020 despite the widely-held opinion that ESG compromises profit. Higher investment figures in ESG have assuaged investor indecisiveness, which, until recently, had remained a key barrier to growth.

By implementing innovative solutions and advanced platforms for the analysis of data, research and content publication, as well as harnessing the power of its voice in information space, market leaders set an example for private industry to take on a social stance and invest more in its development. This trend will undoubtedly only accelerate in the foreseeable future.

Margaret McCowan

Head of Investment Strategies


In the world of business, successful investment strategies are not merely about blind financial gains. They are crafted with meticulous research, thorough understanding of market dynamics, and the ability to adapt to changing economic tides. Smart investors navigate the complexities of risk and reward, seizing opportunities to create long-term value and foster sustainable growth.

Integrity, flexibility and relevance of financial information allows management to conduct business processes more efficiently. A new wave of technology has influenced decision making, with increasingly greater responsibility being placed on financial management, therefore it is necessary to understand and effectively exploit these new technologies that act as the fundamental distributors or capital in organizations. We study old and current numbers and combine them with modern technological procedures to look forward with undivided attention.

Adil Hasan

Chief Risk Manager


Success in business lies not in avoiding risks, but in understanding and effectively managing them. Proper risk management is not only a safeguard against potential pitfalls, but also a strategic driver for growth and innovation.

We understand the diversity and dynamism of the modern world in which achieving maximum results requires finding new paths instead of setting about on unbeaten ones. Given the current level of uncertainty we observe today, investors are beginning have doubts about the effectiveness of strict principles, which impede proactivity.

Nevertheless, all modern phenomena can have positive or negative consequences for businesses, and it is impossible to predict their next appearance. Indeed it is in these moments that strategic management becomes an indispensable instrument to ensure long-term leadership.

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The development of WL Company DMCC has never been an end in itself. It was a means for facilitating progress that now allows us to make your work with complex financial instruments as familiar of a process as choosing what to buy in an online store. WL Company DMCC: an investment service as it should be.


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